-FRHF 4x1
Control flame-resistant screened halogen-free cables with copper conductors, halogen-free polymer compound insulation, polymer compound sheath
Cables are used for laying:
in premises, dry ducts and tunnels, in corrosive environment
with no risk of mechanical damage in operation
in bunches
power supply cable lines of NPP electric equipment, wiring in office premises , which are computerized and intelligent, in kindergartens, schools, hospitals and for cable lines of spectating complexes and sport structures
power supply cable lines of NPP safety system equipment, circuits wiring of fire safety systems (fire alarm circuits, power supply of fire-fighting pumps, lightning of emergency exits and evacuation routes, smoke exhaust and blowing ventilation systems, evacuation elevators); for wiring in hospital surgical wings, emergency and equipment (current collectors) power supply circuits, operating in a fire emergency
with the need to protect from the effects of external electric fields
Manufacturing of extruded fire-resistant barrier is possible
Fire safety code in accordance with 4809:2007: 123122080
Products of this mark meet the requirements:
single wire cable flame retardance
bunched cable flame retardance category A
toxicity class Tk3 of the combustion products of nonmetallic elements (toxicity index over 120 g/m3)
class 1 on smoke-forming ability by smouldering of non-metallic elements (coefficient of smoke formation from 50 to 500 m2/kg)
class 2 on smoke-forming ability by combustion (minimum luminous flux more than 60 %)
corrosive class 2 of combustion products of non-metallic elements (the number of halogen hydrides less than 150 mg/g, pH more than 4.3, specific conductivity less than 10 S/mm)
flame-resistant class FE180 under fire conditions with a temperature not less than 750